About Matt East

Growing up in the Yarra Valley, son of a grape grower, I guess you could say I had little choice about a career in the wine industry.

My Dad, once 'Marlborough Man' and TAA airline pilot turned farmer, planted a vineyard to Pinot Noir on the Coldstream family property in1984 and set me on course toward a life in wine. 

I worked vintages in local wineries as a junior and tinkered with my own wine in the shed using an old crusher-destemmer, basket press and pick bins as fermenters. My work in the vineyard continued, studying along the way and eventually tracking a path in wine sales and marketing. 

Not long after returning from a stint overseas, life delivered my family a considerable blow. Dad was diagnosed with cancer and passed away within 12 short months. Before he died, we had a conversation about my life and future. Dad urged me to pursue my dreams in wine and I promised that somehow, sometime, I would make wine from the vineyard we planted over 30 years ago.  

In 2015 I left the security of my full-time job in McLaren Vale to focus on turning my own dreams into reality. With the help of family, friends and friendly locals, I launched the Rouleur Wine Co. and fulfilled my promise to Dad with the release of our 2015 Yarra Valley, Pinot Noir.