Rolling Between Regions 

Life for Rouleur began in vintage 2015, processing tiny parcels of fruit and fermenting in 2 different states – generally at the same time. We ran between vineyards in the Yarra Valley and McLaren Vale, working with wonderful people to make delicious wine in the style we love.

Now, we’re pleased to say that life is a little more settled! Fermenting in sheds and shipping containers is a thing of the past, as we look toward a future in our own winery space, in the southern suburbs of Melbourne. 

In vintage 2017, we were blessed with generally mild conditions where most grape varieties enjoyed extended ripening, providing wines with vibrancy, bright natural acid and detailed fruit character. So this was not only a good vintage to make wine, it was a great year to make wine from 2 vastly different wine regions! From February through to April, we transported our McLaren Vale fruit as whole bunches, in cold-freight overnight. This meant that grapes arrived in ‘snap-cool’ condition, ready for hand sorting and processing at the winery here in Melbourne the morning after picking.

Our Yarra Valley vineyards provided lower yields but exceptional quality across the board. We picked our warmest site Pinot Noir 3 weeks later than prior vintage, and picked our coolest vineyard in mid-April. Fermentation space was never an issue and in stark contrast to vintage 2016, we had time to wait, watch and consider - a rare vintage occurrence that will pay quality dividends in our new release wines.